Emerging Technology

CAP Resources readily embraces technology and understands the role it plays in helping clients achieve aggressive growth goals. We’ve been deeply involved for over 20 years working closely with the technology ecosystem of startups, incubators, internal venture groups and the investment community. We’re on top of the trends, know the ropes, and can help identify and mitigate the pitfalls.

  • Advanced Materials and Nanotech
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Manufacturing Solutions
  • Communications
  • Multi-Media and Collaboration

Mobile Applications | Approval Tracking Software | Firefighting Chemicals | Educational Software | Facilities Administration | Advanced Materials | Enterprise Application Integration | Electric Vehicles | Vertical Productivity/Information Solutions | Collaboration & Conferencing Software | Property Management | Eyewear | Multimedia Educational Software | Telecommunications | Fax over the Internet | Building management software | Real-time Sports Information | SAP Connectivity Solutions | Educational Enterprise Software – Emergency response communication for schools | GUI Software | Financial Compliance Services | Educational Software | Shape Metal Alloys | Collaboration & Visualization Software | Online Order Management | Next Generation Chewing Gum | Online Shopping Mall | Multimedia Compression/Decompression Algorithms | Hotel e-Entertainment Systems | Traffic Management & Online Gaming | Viral Flash Media Development | Home Automation & Networking | Advanced Elastomers | Internet Appliances | Residential Real Estate Systems | Online Edutainment | Customer Relationship Management – Financial Services | Online Portal for Seniors | Streaming Video Management | Signal Detection/Hydrophones | Wireless Appliances | Online Resource Management | Flooring | Collaboration & Conferencing Software | Wireless Communications Protocols and Services | Frequent Buyer Reward Systems | Silicon Apparel Applications | Instant Messaging Security and Tracking | Apparel Manufacturing | Voice over IP | Clean Air Filtration | XML Applications | Cellular Application Technologies

“I have recommended CAP Resources to others and received great feedback about the firm’s work. In all cases they have never failed to do outstanding work…”


“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the business plan and all the work you all have done. We have a solid strategy supported with excellent work. It was well worth it and long overdue for our company.”

“I’m sold! Excellent work. Everyone associated with this project should be proud…Congratulations again on a job well done…”