CAP Resources provides strategic business planning services to companies with aggressive growth initiatives. We specialize in business and financial planning from concept through execution. Specific areas of expertise include business plans, financial projections, market strategy development, and recruitment of strategic partners and equity investors.

Companies come to us to define or refine business and marketing strategies, to raise equity investment, secure board approval, or enter new markets for their growth initiatives. How can we help you?

See Strategic Business Development Framework

Strategic Business Development

CAP Resources guides strategic growth initiatives for new business units and product lines of established companies, new and emerging small to mid-size companies, and technology start-ups and spin-outs.

Business & Operations Planning

We help time constrained management teams at growing companies develop strategic and comprehensive business plans to achieve aggressive growth goals.

Market Assessment

Using innovative research techniques, CAP Resources helps companies suffering from information overload extract relevant information and facilitate critical business decisions.

Investor Services

CAP Resources works with professional investment groups to keep a balance between deal flow, technology vetting, due diligence, guidance and growth of portfolio companies, and achieving exit strategies.

Market Strategy

Working with client marketing teams, CAP Resources puts research results into actionable strategic marketing plans to drive growth.

Financial Modeling & Strategy

CAP Resources builds "assumption driven" financial models that enable sensitivity analysis and "what-if" testing on all variables.