Investor Services

CAP Resources works with professional investment groups to keep a balance between deal flow, technology vetting, due diligence, guidance and growth of portfolio companies, and achieving exit strategies. With over $650 million in transaction support under our belt, we appreciate the fine line between recognizing investment opportunities, and understanding the realities and pitfalls of often unproven services and technologies.

Investors who are broadening portfolios to include technology investments and are resource constrained by a lack of experienced technical and market-savvy resources will find CAP Resources invaluable in assessing both opportunities and risks associated with such ventures. Investor companies experiencing short-term project needs due to internal resource constraints can augment their due diligence resources through CAP Resources. We also do “deep dives” into specific technical fields and business services and can generate deal flow, profile target technology companies, and prioritize investment opportunities for consideration. We frequently act as a facilitator to support investment objectives, keep all aspects of transactions on track, and make sure that targets are preferentially pre-disposed to working with our clients over other potential investors.

CAP Resources has considerable first-hand experience in the exposures faced by early-stage technology companies competing in fast-moving markets. CAP Resources specializes in assessing Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Technology risk factors associated with such endeavors, as well as realistic assessments of management, business and financial models, staffing levels, market strategies and infrastructure requirements needed to succeed in technology markets.